The Mission is on.




Snow on top of the mountains.
The wind and water is at its coldest here on the west coast of Ireland. But lucky for Ryan he is sung in his Neil Pryde Mission suits. 
You will be seeing more of Ryan suited in Neil Pryde gear in 2015. 
Words from Ryan
"I am really happy to
be moving forward into 015 protected from the elements by the Neil Pryde gear . I have mainly been Surfing in the Mission 6/5mm suit. I can safely say that even thought it feels light its still really warm. With the fire-line material it also dries out really quick. 
I would like to thank Agent Eight for helping me land the deal."

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Celtic Prayers





Ryan Coote kitesurfing Conra Carraig in what has been known as the Black Storm. You have seen the Trailer now here is the Feature. IT'S not pretty, IT'S not perfect, IT'S DEFINITELY not safe.

Ryan's Words.
" Conra Carraig is A very dangerous wave in the best of conditions. You have to kite it when the tide is completely low or it is a death wave. It was a good size and held some shape on most wave. There was nothing perfect about it. Trying to ride in maxed out storm conditions is all about using every single one of your senses. IT'S about calming your mind no matter what. 
It was a little different from other days that i have kited it, as the mood of the ocean was very angry and aggressive.  The wind was 30-40 knots and  The angle was not great on the wave. I was on my 6m Reo which handled the  mental wind, but I could have - and should have -been on my 4m. I took the risk, rigging the 6 to ride powered up which made for some of the intense drops.
WHY? people ask me!
Until you feel the power in the waves and the strength in the wind you will never know why we ride in storm conditions. IT'S like your body is being blasted with energy from every direction. Your body is on max alert all the time. Adrenaline is rushing through your veins from the first second you touch the water until you step off the board at the end. Its  our hit from mother nature: THE drug that extreme sports people are hooked on. ''

Kite Used 
Ozone Reo 6m 
50cm bar 25m lines
Board Used

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Map of Kitesurfing Locations

Lesson Locations

  • IMG 1408
  • rossnowlagh
  • IMG 1312
  • 20120718-IMG 7326
  • 20111223-IMG 5886
  • IMG 0180
  • Brandon Bay is one of the stunning locations I use
  • Rossnowlagh Beach County Donegal
  • Scragganne - a safe location for lessons with flat water and plenty of space
  • No waves no problem.Freestyle fun at dumps Brandon bay.
  • Great evening session at Mossies Reef brandon bay.
  • Tom doing a kitesurfing Intro lesson Brandon Bay.