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List of Videos From Ryan Coote and Kitesurfireland.


How good is kitesurfing in ireland.


Chasing Rainbows 11/017

Celtic Prayers

If Ozone did birthdays.

Children of the Sun


Light into Darkness

The Voice inside my head. 09/17 

The Mission is on.


light of Day 09/15

Ozone Edge V8 07/16

Home 12/16

Kitesurfing Crab Island 08/16

A Controlling High 09/16

Getting High with the Ozone Edge V8 03/16

Temperature Rising

 Most wanted 

Fine Lines 

 Peachy Peniche Ozone Reo 2014.

Two Face

Introducing Ozones Reo

Rolling with the wind

Hard Learning

Winter Showing for Real 

Kitesurfing Hurricane Katia Ireland.

Loose the Straps

Clare Point Break.

 Rhinos Wave Charge

Surfing Waves with a kite.

Down the lines.

Ryan Coote KSP report

Rock Island 

Ryan Getting Busted 

A quick Foreward.

Mossies Kitesurfing









Perfect Christmas Gift Voucher.

Lessons with kitesurfing Ireland longest running kite school in Ireland. Ryan Coote has 17-years experience and is 3 times national champion he is also an international team rider for Ozone Kites and Aor Surfboards.

The lesson is filmed to be view later. The student is always connected to the instructor via a Radio helmet. This really helps to speed up the student's progress and ads an extra element of safety to the lessons.

Once the lessons are paid for the voucher is emailed out and then a date and time is booked for the lesson.


  • One to One €60 per hr 

Package Rates (maximum class size 4)

  • 3 hr lesson €120 p.p
  • 6 hr lesson €200 p.p
  • 8 hr lesson €250 p.p
  • 10hr lessons €300 p.p
  • 12hr lessons €350 p.p
  • 1 Year Unlimited lessons €550. p.p


Map of Kitesurfing Locations

Lesson Locations

  • IMG 1408
  • rossnowlagh
  • IMG 1312
  • 20120718-IMG 7326
  • 20111223-IMG 5886
  • IMG 0180
  • Brandon Bay is one of the stunning locations I use
  • Rossnowlagh Beach County Donegal
  • Scragganne - a safe location for lessons with flat water and plenty of space
  • No waves no problem.Freestyle fun at dumps Brandon bay.
  • Great evening session at Mossies Reef brandon bay.
  • Tom doing a kitesurfing Intro lesson Brandon Bay.